As part of corporate social responsibility, University of Uyo has offered them self preventing Coronavirus infection.

Written by on April 4, 2020

As part of its corporate social responsibility, the University of Uyo has
offered tips by which members of its Community can prevent the spread
of Coronavirus infection.
In a release signed by the Registrar of the University, Mr. Aniediabasi
Udofia explains that the transmission of the virus was mostly possible
through droplets emitted from cough and sneezes by the infected person
over a short distance.

He said infection occurs when one has contact with the droplets.
The University management therefore, advised members of the
University Community to avoid touching objects or surfaces that could
be contaminated with the virus and avoid shaking of hands.
The University made known that the symptoms of the Coronavirus
infection include Headache, respiratory tract illness, like pneumonia or
bronchitis, runny nose, sore throat, cough, and, feeling of uneasiness.
The University advised people to practice of good personal hygiene by
washing of hands, avoiding contact with people who manifest symptoms
of the infection, avoiding touching of eyes, nose, and mouth with
unwashed hands, boosting ones immune system with vitamins, fruits and
The release conveys the vice Chancellor, Prof. Enefiok Essien, SAN’s
counsel to members of University Community to adhere to the suggested
measures to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.
Professor Essien however stated that there was no reason for panic,
noting that what is paramount is being health conscious within and
outside the University environment.

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