About Us

The Corporation, popularly known by the acronym “AKBC” was established by Edict No. 4 of April 1988. It comprises the Radio and Television services with the Director General as the Chief Executive Officer supervising and coordinating the activities of the two organs. The mandate of the Corporation as spelt out by the Edict establishing it is to, among other things,

  • Promote independent and impartial Television and Radio broadcasting services in the State and other States of the Federation.
  • Ensure that adequate expression is given to the culture, character, affairs and thinking of the people of the state.

Apart from fulfilling the general objectives of the mass media, AKBC through the its Radio and Television services has in the past 31 years fashioned out well articulated programmes that have contributed to all spheres of social life through information correlation, reinforcement, mobilization, entertainment, education and promotion of integration and economic development. There are also programmes that provide instantaneous two-way communication between the management and the listeners/viewers on one hand and the government and the governed on the other hand. The temporary Headquarters of the Corporation is at No. 3 Udo Udoma Avenue, Uyo while the Transmitting Station is at Ntak, Inyang, Itam, along Itam/Itu-calabar High way.

Current track