The Radio Service

The Radio Service, christened “Radio Akwa Ibom, and “Voice of Promise” transmits on a Frequency Modulation of 90.5 MHZ.

AKBC Radio broadcasts an average of 18 hours from 5.30am to 12.15a.m. daily. The language of broadcast is English and the local dialects. The programmes‘ content of AKBC Radio is quite rich. This informs its being rated as one of the stations with the highest number of Popular programmes in her kitty including Curtains Up; a 30 minute drama programme, Sibaba Sibaba; a chit chat programme in vernacular; That’s Life; a 30 minute programme on the philosophy of life. Others are Sport magazine, Sport Arena, Awang Idit Oro; a drama programme in Oron dialect and Afe-Mbono, another drama programme in Annang dialect.

Other programmes include: Feminine Touch; Spicy, Style and Fashion Lunch time out, Hill Top Safari and Afternoon Ride a presentation of Hip-Hop music. The programmes are open to sponsorship. However; the station also accepts packaged programmes from Agencies, clients, and independent producers that meet its programmes policy guidelines and standards.

Current track