The Television Service

The Television Service, with the slogan “The Ultimate in Television Broadcasting” transmits on Channel 45 UHF.

Reception reports show that the station is widely received with active audience cutting across all age brackets and socio-economic groups. This makes AKBC – TV truly the “Ultimate in Television Broadcasting” and a gate-way to the Eastern markets and beyond

The programmes policy has the people at the centre, giving exposure to regional culture, tastes and characteristics while at the same time educating, informing, enlightening, and entertaining. Based on this dynamic programme policy, the Programme Directorate has designed exciting programmes to meet the taste of the numerous viewers thereby providing receptive atmospheres for effective marketing communication.

The TV was on 24 hours transmission from September, 2007 but discontinued in 2010 owing to the high cost of running solely on generators and manpower. Transmission is now 18 hours daily with prime viewing time of 6.00am to 10.00pm. We have created a very attractive morning programme belt with popular and compelling shows that have become a must watch to our teeming viewers. The morning belt presents yet a new window for advertisers to reach their target audience.

Our popular morning shows include the “AM 45”, series of Pathfinder, Heart Beat, Centre Point and Focus. These are Live compelling magazine programme which feature discussions, comedy, drama sketches, motivational talks, music, interviews and so on. We also introduced vernacular belt from 8 – 9am daily titled “Ntia Ntia Asakka”. This attracted a lot of viewers based on calls recorded. Others are “Youth Corner”, for the young generation, “Angel on TV’ a live phone-in programme that enables the audience to share real life experiences of relations etc. “Music Alive”; a live music entertainment programme that showcases talents in the different genres, “Asuama”, a vernacular drama programme that portrays contemporary society and boardroom politics in government and the private enterprises, Menu 45, Night Bliss, Nuptial Crystal are family programmes, Legend: highlights the success story of Achievers with a host of others, which are open for sponsorship The Marketing Directorate can be contacted for details. Packaged independently produced programmes that meet acceptable standards, are also accepted.

Our Technical Department is manned by well qualified and committed staff to ensure hitch free transmission at all times and the Marketing Directorate is sufficiently staffed with experienced professionals to handle client services with maximum efficiency.

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